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Villainess Winter group order - CLOSED

I'm holding an international, Singapore-based group order for Villainess Soaps. This group order is open to anyone who may wish to join in, though please note the longer turnaround times and shipping cost depending on your location--these items are relatively heavy! I am ordering 30 November +8 GMT.

I have a $250 soft cap for this order/spree. I'll let you know if your order hits the maximum. Soft cap has been reached. I might take one or more extra orders but for the most part this group order is closed :) I've ordered already :)

For my colleagues ;D please feel free to just email me, since commenting here requires a Livejournal account.

UPDATES - All dates/times are +8 GMT
23 November - Group order opened!
30 November - Order placed :)
1 December - Order was shipped today! ♥

This is my third Villainess group order. Reading this post on my general group order guidelines/policies will be helpful, and if you're looking for seller/swapper feedback, I am angelamaria over at bpal.org and I have plenty feedback there. Of course, if you have any questions at all, or concerns--please do ask!

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Tentative question

Just a really quick, just-in-case question--is there anyone interested in anything that the Trading Post is currently offering? I am after a few candles but due to the weight and size of most of the TP offerings, shipping these international is A LOT, which I can't afford. So I'm wondering if anyone's interested to see if we can hit the $500 free shipping threshold. Unfortunately I can't pay for shipping from me to you, but shipping Singapore domestic should not be a problem, or shipping 5mls international, for that matter.

It's a shot in the dark, to get $500 it's like 23 candles or something haha. Just in case...?


November BPAL group order

I'm planning to pick up a few things before the Weenies and the current Single Notes go down, so opening up a Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab group order in case anyone else wants to join in. This group order is based in Singapore, but I will ship anywhere. Items will be lab cost + fees, I don't roll in the international shipping cost from the lab to me. I am ordering on Sunday 25 November +8 GMT, all orders would have to be paid for by then. I can combine orders with my sales, just ask!

If you have any questions on how I run group orders and decant circles, this post will help, but please feel free to ask any questions. I am angelamaria on bpal.org if you are looking for feedback.

What's available for this group order:
• BPAL general catalogue and cobranded scents
BPAL limited editions: Weenies, current Single Notes, Yules, and Anniversaries
• Current Pickman Gallery scents
any lab-Etsy exclusive (subject to availability, deadline for any orders containing Etsy purchases is Saturday November 24 +8 GMT)

BPTP and Dark Del are not included, sorry, as they are not combineable with lab orders.

Updates: (all times are +8GMT)
12 November: Group order opened :)
25 November: Ordered! :)
14 December: I haven't received any CNS yet, though I see international orders up to 23 November has been shipped as of last week. Maybe soon! :) Or maybe it's another missing CNS but we'll see our package soon. I will update as soon as I have anything :)
17 December: Stealth package! The package showed up in my mailbox today, without a CNS! I am getting most of you out, except that there were no wand caps in the package I received :( I have emailed to lab to ask about this.
21 December: The lab has sent over the missing wand caps, if the CNS in my inbox is any indication ;) I hope it arrives soon!
25 January Talk about a long delay. I received a delivery notice earlier this week; for some reason the PO had held the package! The wand caps are in my hands now though. :)
26 January The last package has been shipped :)

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A while ago a lovely lady offered to pick up bottles at NYCC if I was doing a decant circle for this update, and so I am :) This is an international-based BPAL NYCC Event Exclusive decant circle for the perfume oils available during the NYCC on October 11-14.

This circle is based in Singapore, but I will ship anywhere, with or without registration. I've never sent a package that have gone missing, but registration gets you tracking to most countries, so I strongly suggest taking advantage of it as I won't be responsible once things are shipped out.

The circle will be open until I receive the goodies (or everything is filled). I am sorry, no addons are possible. If you have any questions on how I run group orders and decant circles, this post will help, but please feel free to ask any questions. I am angelamaria on bpal.org if you are looking for feedback.

Updates: (All times are +8 GMT)
03 October: Circle opened :)
13 October: Our fairy has shipped our bottles :)
22 October: closing the circle now to print the labels and finalized some duplicate requests. The package should arrive sometime this week!
24 October: We've received our bottles! I am in the process of decanting. Since there are a few packages to be mailed I will be splitting up getting these out, between tomorrow (Thursday) and Saturday (Friday is a public holiday here). Also, some of our bottles have faulty caps :( So there are even less bottles to go around. Sorry about that.
25 October: Half of the circle participants have been sent out, specifically the half that opted for registered mail. If you went for registration, you should have received a notice from Paypal on your registration number--if you haven't, please let me know and I will send it to you manually :) Next half will go out on Saturday as Friday is a public holiday here.
27 October: Everything is out! All packages have been sent out as of this morning. :)

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I. Switch Witch Help, Fall 2012 Edition

I'm joining Switch Witch again this year ♥ so this is my collection of all the questions asked over at the Swap thread, to help my Witch. As before, all swap-related question roundups are tagged with !swap-help, and all SW-related stuff are also tagged with !switch-witch.

Updated wishlist links (and other related matters):
[Spoiler (click to open)]angelamaria, whimsical.nu, scentwhims
Full BPAL keeper list
On-forum BPAL ISO list
BPAL imp/decant shopping list

Last updated: 06 October

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A Little Lunacy: Blue Moon (2012)

Mugwort, for psychic sensitivity...
Calea Zacatechichi, yarrow, and mastic for divination through dreams...
Frankincense and hyssop for complexity, wisdom and noscere...
... with a potent lunar-charged, oneirongenic blend of blue musk, exquisite woods, moonflower, evening stock, Madagascan ylang ylang, Florentine iris, Greek cypress, green tea absolute, palmarosa, cucumber, rose milkweed, Clary sage, lavender, lemon balm, and passion fruit.

In bottle: sharply medicinal, aquatic, and a stronger lavender note than Blauer Mond. Actually, right now, it's almost all lavender for me, I can't get past it.

Wet on skin: lavender and...a multitude of other notes that are hard to pinpoint. It's thankfully a softer lavender than the bottle scent, and the aquatic feel is gone, leaving behind a clean, almost laundry-fresh lavender scent. Quite pretty. I think I will have good sleepytimes tonight.

Dry: soft, soapy lavender, and something powdery: I'm not sure what that is. Also, the iris is doing its grandmothery bit for me, which is a shame; still, it's a very clean and soothing scent, with soft lavender almost calling you to sleep and sweet dreams, which is quite apt for this lunacy blend.

Verdict: maybe I should keep this for sleep? It really is quite soothing, if I don't get too close that I smell the grandmothery iris note. It's not something I would wear out as perfume though.

A Little Lunacy: Harvest Moon (2012)

This Harvest lunacy combines the autumnal scents of balsam fir, cedar, sorrel, thyme, juniper berry, clove, saffron, damson plum, chrysanthemum, sage, black cherry, and fennel with dry maple leaves, golden ale, the crushed wine grapes of Dionysus, and Janus' lingum aloes.

In bottle: a rather strong herbal blend--I sniffed this and felt like it was going straight to my guts. A slight greenness, but predominantly autumn with orange and yellow leaves. It's very well blended, slightly cool, with a slightly fruity vibe--or rather, juicy, not fruity.

Wet on skin: this softens considerably, but stays true. It loses a bit of its fruitiness, and a smoke note is coming out--which is weird, I don't see any smoke notes there. Maybe a component is turning powdery.

Dry: and the fruits came back! This is definitely a fruits and dried leaves scent; maybe they've finished harvesting and are enjoying the fruits of their labors? After a bit on my skin, an "oaty" scent is coming up for me, making me think of having an oatmeal dish with lots of fruits mixed in it.

Verdict: while not something I would wear, this is a very evocative scent, very apt for the harvest moon.

A Little Lunacy: Blauer Mond (2012)

Brian's interpretation of the Blue Moon. A glimmer of hope emerging from a sea of dreams: sea buckthorn berry, terebinth pine, frankincense, hyssop, white sage, Neptune's night-blooming jasmine, cucumber, lavender, ambergris accord, and violet leaf.

In bottle: medicinal, green and aquatic. I'm getting lavender, sage, jasmine, and ambergris, and altogether it's a slightly floral herbal blend, "cool" to the nose.

Wet on skin: I think the hyssop is coming on on my skin--it's now a bit strong actually, but other than that addition, there is nothing different from the bottle scent. Maybe a tad softer.

Dry: the green is fading, leaving behind an almost creamy aquatic sort of scent with almost-sorrowful flowers. Dry, this reminded me of a softer Evening Star, but with a dose of hyssop--and I'm not really a fan of hyssop so Evening Star stays. This blend is hyssop and jasmine in an aquatic background, in a nutshell, getting softer and softer the longer it stays on my skin.

Verdict: without the hyssop, I think this might give Evening Star a run for her money; it's soft and pleasant and comforting with a light touch of melancholy that is really pretty.

Pandora: Pandy

Fresh white musk, honeycomb, sweet apricot, elemi, orange blossom, and mischievous pink pepper.

In bottle: honey, apricot, and pink pepper. And an almost candyish orange blossom; and one month on, sniffing this from the bottle again, I'm struck immediately by that candyish orange blossom note. This is kind of like a sister to PL176's orange creamsicle. It's like a floral orange creamsicle.

Wet on skin: I can't rightfully tell if it's gotten more floral or more fruity on my skin; my early notes say "soft white and pink floral", but one month on I'm getting the florals, yes, but mostly the orange and apricot. Initially I'm getting a light, almost ethereal but still very present scent, that I started worrying about it getting soapy, but right now I'm sniffing it and I'm getting an almost jammy orange and apricot blend, definitely not "ethereal".

Dry: even fresh from the lab, dry on my skin, that aforementioned lightness is gone, the pepper getting deeper and the honey getting sweeter and the fruits amping. The apricot's come into its own somewhat, not so much of an orange blossom blend now than an apricot and orange blossom one. Definitely jammy, and I'll bet the honey isn't doing it any favors.

Verdict: a rather yummy fruity blend, but alas, I don't wear fruity blends!

Pandora: Alcie

Just a hint of gorgon blood: bright nectarine, honey, sandalwood, green musk, sea buckthorn berry, and oakmoss.

In bottle: this blend kind of hits almost every feminine scent family: it's fruity, it's floral, it's green, and a dash of soapiness for good measure. Nectarine and green musk, plus oakmoss to reign it in a bit. There is no noticeable change one month on.

Wet on skin: a green nectarine blend, almost boozy, but also soapy...quite soapy. There's a hint of a berry scent as well. As it dries, it gets a definite aquatic feel...sea bucktorn berry, is that you?

Dry: this doesn't change so much from the wet phase, other than a slight softening of the fruitiness. It's definitely a soapy aquatic green blend. Also, quite interestingly, I'm getting that same grandmothery/oily note that orris and some white musks devolve into.

Verdict: This would be a beautiful green blend, were it not for the soapiness. It was quite apparent in the bottle for me, and never really went away.

Pandora: Iole

A serious, studious scent: fig, night-blooming jasmine, red sandalwood, bourbon vanilla, oak bark, leather accord, and black amber.

In bottle: fresh from the lab, it's rather sharp in the bottle, with oak, leather, and amber, with an almost smoky feel. The jasmine is giving it a slight floral sweetness overlayed with with a vanilla creaminess, but those last two notes are more of an afterthought. Seems to be well blended. One month on, however, this is very much a jasmine blend, with a hint of woods and vanilla.

Wet on skin: fresh, this is fig, vanilla, black amber, hint of leather; I'm not sure if it's smoky or powdery on me. It's very well blended and so it's difficult to pick out specific notes, and is quite in the middle of being gender neutral. Aged for a month, however, all jasmine, all floral. When a bit of that jasmine's worn off, I'm left with leather and woods, slightly smoky, and a hint of vanilla creaminess. The jasmine never really disappears.

Dry: fresh, what's left is a very even mix of black amber, oak bark, sharp leather, and red sandalwood. One month on? Jasmine jasmine jasmine, amber, a hint of leather. And jasmine. And red sandalwood and jasmine. Oh, did I mention jasmine already?

Verdict: I'm quite sad at how this blend aged. I thought this had a good chance of aging into something wonderful on me, but with that jasmine? No, not going to happen.

Coraline: Mouse Circus

A toodle oodle of pink cotton candy noses, vanilla spun sugar fur, scattered kernels of popcorn, and a touch of polished golden wood.

In bottle: pink cotton candy, vanilla, and cookies. And a hint of that popcorn too; very sweet and foody, but not entirely ~piiiiiink~ because of the wood. This is a very lovely wood note.

Wet on skin: the poopcorn note and wood is more prominent here, not so much the pink: just a hint of it sweetening the blend up: kind of the opposite of the bottle note actually, with the popcorn and wood dominating over the pinkness.

Dry: sadly, this has gone all plasticky popcorn and cream on my skin. I'm not sure where that cream-plastic came from, but cream usually means plastic on my skin.

Verdict: I didn't expect this to be a keeper, but it's a very lovely blend, a keeper if I wore foody blends.

September group order - Closed

I'm planning to pick up a few things before the current Single Notes go down, so opening up a Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab group order in case anyone else wants to join in. This group order is based in Singapore, but I will ship anywhere. Items will be lab cost + fees, I don't roll in the international shipping cost from the lab to me. I am ordering on Saturday 22 September +8 GMT, all orders would have to be paid for by then. I can combine orders with my sales, just ask!

If you have any questions on how I run group orders and decant circles, this post will help, but please feel free to ask any questions. I am angelamaria on bpal.org if you are looking for feedback.

Updates: (all times are +8GMT)
11 September: Group order opened :)
23 September: I had to hold off last night to wait for someone else, but as of a few minutes ago (10am), we're all ordered up :)
01 October: I've received an email from the lab last Friday (28 September) regarding one of the items in our order, and I've responded. I don't know if this means our order has been processed, or if it's been bumped to the next international shipping schedule, or what, but I thought it best to post a small update anyway :) No CNS received yet.
03 October: CNS received! \o/
19 October: We have our box! :D I am packing stuff up right now and will ship things tomorrow :)
20 October: All sent! :)

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As I've gotten a query--just a quick post to say that I'm not decanting the Halloweenies, due in part to work being really tricky at the moment, as well as the suspicion I won't fill the circle even halfway :3 If you are interested in sniffies of all the Weenies, Mellifluous has one here, or alternatively you can watch this space as well for when I put the 1/5 decants I get up for sale.

Sorry, folks! That said, I may be holding a BPAL group order sometime before the next Lunacy comes up (probably ordering before the 24th, as the next full moon is the 29th). Let me know if you're interested :)


Almost three months ago, I purchased some Geek Chic Cosmetics solid perfumes and meant to review them all, but somewhere along the way completely forgot about doing this -_- And since sresla prodded me on two of the GCC blends, I decided I'd just quickly pull those out and put this up as well :)

Like the previous round, I'll be recapping my breakdown and expectations and then how they fare.

Prepare to be Boarded
Dark, earthy woods mixed with spicy cinnamon, cloves, fresh rosemary, and clad in tight leather. Tempered with fresh, juicy fig and Tahitian Vanilla with a touch of tonka bean. A robust, spicy, and manly scent. A good scent to wear while fist-fighting a grizzly bear.

Expected: Yummy vanilla and tonka! This will probably lean towards a foody male scent--are you sure you want to wear something yummy while fist-fighting a grizzly? The rosemary and leather can certainly turn the tide and not make this foody, but cinnamon? fig? vanilla? tonka? That's like a foody's heaven.

Actual: On first sniff, I'm getting woods, leather, and foody spices; also a hint of something soapy, for some reason. Right on my skin, the woods almost fade out, with the leather becoming more prominent, along with the spices. I don't know about fist-fighting a grizzly bear though; I'd call this a foody leather, and without the leather would be a typical foody/bakery scent. Much later this has become mostly a leather and creamy cinnamon buns scent.

Ghost Warrior
Cool and wet greens mixed with oakmoss and vetiver, freshly turned earth on the dry down, with a spectre of sandalwood, musks and a touch of dangerous leather. A sensual and baleful unisex scent that leans male.

Expected: I'm interested to see how the vetiver is here--I know how BPAL vetiver is like, and curious to see if this is different. I'm fairly certain this won't be a keeper scent, but it will be interesting to give it a try.

Actual: This was a bit of a surprise. Right off the bat I got wet greens and a cucumber-y fruit scent, maybe even melony; I can't really smell anything else other than that, and oakmoss, which gives this a definite masculine vibe. A soapy clean man-scent--that is, if the soap he used is a fruity sort of soap. A masculine fruity scent, if you will.
I'm running a small international, Asia/Pacific-centric decant circle for all the blends included in the recent update: Harvest Moon, Blue Moon, Blaur Mond, Eight-Petaled Lotus, Siberian Musk, both Coraline scents and all three Pandora scents. The circle is based in Singapore, but I am willing to ship anywhere (air mail), with or without registration. The decant circle will be open until I receive the order, but I may drop bottles that do not have at least two slots filled. I have ordered all the scents anyway lol; and this circle is now closed.

I am planning to order tomorrow, Thursday August 2. Add-ons are okay, with fees rolled in. If you have any questions on how I run group orders and decant circles, this post contains more information.

Updates: (all times are +8 GMT)
8 August - I have placed the order! Yes, everything is still available. \o/ Now, we wait.
17 August - I think we might have gotten our order shipped this week! No CNS, but if it was shipped last 13 August as expected, then we should have it next week \o/
23 August - And as expected, our box arrived tonight! I am decanting right now and I should have everything shipped out tomorrow morning before I head off to work. I'll update again tomorrow to confirm.
24 August - All parcels have been dropped off at the PO before work this morning :)

Limited Editions (Moons and Single Notes) - $4.30
Coraline and Pandora - $4.90

I decant cleanly into PilotVials vials after gently rolling the bottles, and my labels are narrow, printed labels with a small flag at the end, so you can see the oil level easily. See this photo for a sample printout. Decants are tucked into a ziplock pouch and wrapped with bubble wrap before being placed in a new bubble envelope.

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A Little Lunacy: Singing Moon (2012)

The song of a host of dread spirits wailing their grief to the moonlit heavens: grey, silken ambergris and cold davana cascading over a landscape of bog rosemary, marsh cinquefoil, sea holly, grey willow, bog asphodel, sundew, lowland meadow grass, and frost-limned peat.

In bottle: soft flowers, a touch citrusy, a touch aquatic. It's hard to say what I am getting from it: there are some florals, but this is not a floral scent; some greens but not a green scent; aquatic, but not an aquatic scent; etc. There's a hint of a cologne-like feel to it--probably the ambergris. Light, almost airy, and gender neutral but leaning towards feminine.

Wet on skin: on my skin, this is a crisp version of the bottle scent, with more sweetness and a touch bit cooler. I don't really know for SURE what davana smells like, but I was reminded a little of The Girl--though this is a very very different feel from The Girl. It's very well blended.

Dry: I think the "bog" elements are now showing through. There's a lot more presence now when dry, and it's a darker scent--well, "boggy" and "marshy" but not dirty--just a murky green sort of scent but with a thread of freshness. After about 30 minutes in, a soapiness comes out, a boggy marshy soapiness that also has a slightly ticklish, grainy feel to my nose. Looking at the label art, this really does convey that kind of feeling. It starts off light and ethereal in the bottle and wet, but becomes dolorous and languid and deep when dry.

Verdict: I think this will continue to develop as a deeper, darker slightly boggy scent, which means this isn't for me. The bottle and wet scent is definitely up my alley though, this is very lovely.

Anime Event Exclusive: Dolly Kei

Antiqued bourbon vanilla and tobacco-tinged yellow sandalwood with copal and amber incense, frankincense, tonka absolute, and myrrh.

In bottle: wow. Resins, tobacco, and sweet, creamy vanilla. It's a bit...Celeste-like, only not as spicy as Celeste: no what was saffron in celeste is the lovely mix of warm woods and incense here, but the overall feel of the blend is similar, without going all the way incense.

Wet on skin: yup, definitely resinous and incensey, but it's not overwhelming (I don't like wearing incense scents, but this is okay). Tobacco, sandalwood, frankincense all meld together nicely, in an almost Tombstone-like quality, and the creamy vanilla and tonka is sweet. I'm not sure I detect myrrh.

Dry: this is SUPERBLY lovely. This doesn't change much from the wet phase: vanilla and tobacco and resins. The tobacco is giving this the spicy, peppery feel that is present in Celeste but is suitably subdued and smoky as not to overwhelm. Right now, it doesn't have as much longevity and throw as I'd expect from a blend of this "feel" but this will definitely age wonderfully and I know this will only get better, smoother, richer.

Verdict: holy moly, so glad I was right. This is lovely! I've been heartbroken by Celeste before, but Dolly Kei more than makes up for it.

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Anime Event Exclusive: Mori Girl

Forest tuberose, woodland mosses, wisteria blossoms, hime wood, night-blooming jasmine, and honey dust.

In bottle: okay, whoa. FLORAL, Y HALLO THAR. Tuberose, jasmine, and a myriad of blossoms. I do sense the mosses giving this a bit of depth. I feel I have smelled this scent before--only I'm not entirely too sure where. Maybe it is my childhood speaking to me, when I used to hoard collect scented stationery. *shrug*

Wet on skin: this goes lighter on my skin, and the flowers kind of back off a bit. It's definitely a flowers and mosses sort of scent: if it weren't for the moss note, this would be SCREAMINGLY floral. As it dries on my skin, I think I'm starting to get a hint of the wood note. Don't by shy, hime wood. Don't let the flowers bully you.

Dry: mosses and wood and flowers; the most prominent flowers to me are tuberose and jasmine. At this stage, with a chunk of those floral notes burned off, this is a LOT easier to smell, and is quite lovely in this phase, with the gorgeous woods and mosses coming out to give some much-needed depth. I don't know if aging will smooth out the cacophony of flowers here, but maybe?

Verdict: could probably use some aging. I think I will hang on to my bottle, and see how it ages further down the line. I'm not hoping for much, though--this kind of reminds me of Touched Twice and the white chocolate 13 earlier this year: lots of flowers I hoped would smooth out, but they never really smoothed out ENOUGH for me.

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Anime Event Exclusive: Hime Gyaru

Fit for a princess: pink musk, spun sugar, white rose, pink gardenia, black currant, and violet leaf.

In bottle: ha, very pink and sugary and candy-like. Sugared rose (similar to how I remember Hope), hints of black currant. Very....pink. Fluffy.

Wet on skin: very light on my skin. It stays mostly the same apart from the violet leaf peeking through on my skin, smelling like, well, violets. At this stage this is like a cross between Hope and Faith. Like if they weren't Siamese twins.

Dry: it gets softer and softer as it dries, but there are times where it feels almost sharp to my nose. It's VERY pink and candy-like. Sugar, dusty flowers and violet--and a whole lot of pink ribbons and lace. Very apt for what the blend is for.

Verdict: it's cute, but not for me. This is like Loli.Goth, only with the pinkness cranked all the way up.

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