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Angela @ Scent Whims
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angelamaria's scent blog
Hello, I'm Angela (angelamaria, also on BPAL.org). I started discovering and collecting BPAL in April 2011, and I started this journal to chronicle my thoughts about the scents I'm trying and discovering, as well as other pertinent information such as sellers and other experiences related to BPAL.

My scent journal usage is as follows:

1. I write blend reviews as often as I can, although typically the reviews come later than my blend-testing.

2. I use it to track incoming, outgoing transactions: sales, swaps, purchases. These are largely only for my own use and are hidden from public, although if a particular transaction has gone a bit south I do make the post public, in the interest of documentation that I'm not hiding anything.

3. The occasional general BPAL/perfume oil/bath product/etailer review and ramble.

4. Group orders and decant circles (or, in Singaporean parlance, sprees), although I stick to etailers that I actually do use like BPAL and Villainess. Enable me and maybe I'll get hooked on to your etailer too ;) For BPAL, I will typically do one group order for each major Walletgeddon update, and maybe one or two during off-peak season. See this post for details.

5. You might also know me as the girl who does these tall 40x100 icons on request. I still take requests, just head on to the entry to find out more.

If you're here because you're scouting on what to frimp me, the best bet would be to check my ISO and try list posts :)

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